Thursday, 4 February 2016

LTG Mary Legere: Looking for the Next Challenge After Transitioning From the Military

After serving in the United States Army for the last 33-years, LTG Mary Legere is looking toward her retirement. After she leaves the Army she is looking for senior leadership opportunities with the Intelligence Community, the private sector within the National Security and Intelligence sectors, as well as opportunities to serve on corporate boards. 

With her extensive background and knowledge, LTG Legere is especially interested in Corporate Intelligence and Strategic Risk Management.

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  1. I'm not sure if it's proper to post here but....I've been getting emails from an unknown most likely pretending to be LTG Mary Legere. Someone out there is impersonating LTG Mary Legere and I believe trying to scam me. This is the email address the person is using....
    If this really is you, please continue emailing me at my address. Thank you

  2. Morning
    This is strange because I got the very same email and now they have gone quite because I couldn't fulfill their request.

  3. I went along with what they were trying to do, and sure enough, it was a scam scene that wanted me to pay for some delivery fee. Unless the fee was paid, the package can't be delivered. Why would anyone in their right mind put up money for something that wasn't ordered in the first place? Crazy con people acting out scenarios trying to convince me.