Thursday, 11 August 2016

LTG Mary Legere - Distinguished Career

LTG Mary Legere was promoted to the rank of Three Star General in the Spring of 2012, becoming only the fourth woman to attain that rank in the history of the U.S. Army.

She has enjoyed a long and distinguished military career. She became a Three Star General in her twenty-ninth year of service to her country and has been a Senior Intelligence Office and a Principal Advisor on Intelligence and Security Policy, Programs and Operations for the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

LTG Mary Legere - Senior U.S. Intelligence Officer

LTG Mary Legere is nearing the end of a long and distinguished career in the United States Army. She has risen from the rank of Lieutenant to become only the fourth woman ever to attain the rank of Three Star General.
She has been interested in political science and national security issues for most of her life. She attended the University of New Hampshire, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Reserve Officer Training Corps commission. She studied Military Science at the United States Army Command and General Staff College, and Strategy at the United States Army College of War.
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LTG Mary Legere - List of LTG Mary Legere Profiles on Google Search

LTG Mary Legere received a degree in political science from the University of New Hampshire, where she was commissioned through ROTC as a Second Lieutenant in May of 1982. Her military education includes Intelligence Officer Basic and Advanced courses. 
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LTG Mary Legere also has Masters degrees from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and the U.S. Army War College. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

LTG Mary Legere - Senior Army Representative

LTG Mary Legere is the Army’s Senior Intelligence Officer and Principal Advisor on Intelligence and Security Policy, Programs, and Operations for the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff. She attained the rank of Three Star General in 2012, and is only the fourth woman to reach that rank.
“I oversee the global operations of the Army’s 58,000-person Intelligence Corps, the modernization of our intelligence systems, and the readiness of our formations across seven geographic theaters, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and an intelligence budget of over four billion dollars,” she explains.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

LTG Mary Legere - Boston Sports Fan

Through thick and thin, LT. Gen. Mary Legere has always cheered on the Boston sports teams. 
When she isn’t hard at work, she loves to catch as many Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox games as she can. Her dedication to the sports teams of Boston started when she was just in elementary school. 
In 2012, during the Red Sox’s 100th-anniversary celebration of Fenway Park, LTG Mary Legere was honored as a hometown hero, making her dedication to the team that much more special.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Intelligence Seminar, LTG Mary Legere

Defense and Intelligence: Future of Intelligence

LTG Mary Legere, the US Army’s Senior Intelligence Officer, will speak on intelligence support to national policy development and the challenges and opportunities for Army Intelligence on 1 October from 2:30 to 4:00 pm in the Belfer Center Library (rm L369).
Lieutenant General Mary A. Legere has served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (G2), Headquarters, Department of the Army, since April 2012. 
In this position, she is the senior advisor to the Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff for all aspects of intelligence, counterintelligence and security, and is responsible for the training, equipping, policies and oversight of the Army Intelligence Corps - 58,000 soldiers and civilians on active duty, in the Army Reserves, and in the Army National Guard… more

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lt. Gen. Mary Legere - Career Summary

Lt. Gen. Mary Legere is only the fourth woman in the 240-year history of the United States Army to reach the rank of Three Star General.

Her promotion to Lieutenant General in April of 2012 remains the high point in a long military career that began at the University of New Hampshire in 1982, where she majored in mass communications and political science. She received a commission to the UNH ROTC as a Second Lieutenant in Military Intelligence in May of 1982, and was assigned to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, one of the largest Army installations in the world.

From there she went to Fort Huachuca in Arizona for MI Officer Basic Course, where she stayed until May of 1983. By then she had married the man she still calls her college ROTC sweetheart, himself a future career Army officer. The couple was wed in December of 1982.

Lt. Gen. Mary Legere had her first assignment following MI Officer Basic in Germany, where she served as a Platoon Leader, Plans Officer and Battalion Logistics Officer in the 207th Military Intelligence Group from 1983 to 1986 in Augsburg and Ludwigsburg, in the Federal Republic of Germany."

A skilled athlete who has always been interested in sports, she was active during this time in various competitions. "In addition to completing over 100 non-competitive volksmarches in Germany, traveled all over Europe, and competed as a Triathlete for US Army units in Europe, winning the 7th Corps Triathlon and then placing Second in the USAREUR Championships." Along with her husband, she also completed the Munich Marathon, the first of many more to come.

She was transferred back to the United States for the Military Intelligence Officers Advanced Course , after which she was assigned to the Republic of Korea, for the first of three tours there. "I served as a Staff officer, and the Signal Intelligence/Electronic Warfare/Readiness Officer for the 532d Military Intelligence Battalion, 501st Military Intelligence Brigade, and in November 1987, became the Commander, A Company, 532d Military Intelligence Battalion."

Assignments to Colorado, Washington DC and the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth followed, with Legere completing assignments as a Division and Brigade all source intelligence officer, professional developments and assignments officer and student.  Returning to the Republic of Korea for her second tour, she served as both a Battalion and Brigade Operations Officer, responsible for overseeing the training, readiness and modernization of a 400, then 1600 Soldier organization conducting intelligence operations contributing to the security of the Republic of Korea.

After a tour in the Pentagon, Legere was posted to Fort Hood Texas, where she served as a xxxx.   She proceeded from there to Fort entered the U.S. Army War College in 2001, and in June of 2002 earned her second Masters degree. She was promoted to Colonel and assigned as Commander of the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade in Korea, and stayed there two years. "In 2006, I was selected for promotion to Brigadier General and then assigned in my first General officer position as the Assistant Chief of Staff, J-2, U.S. Forces Korea, Deputy C-2, Combined Forces Command."

She was assigned as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, C-2, Multi-National Force-Iraq, and in September 2008 became the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence for Operation Iraqi Freedom. "I served as the Senior Military Intelligence Officer supporting the over 110, 000 service members deployed for combat operations in the theater."

Now, after a career spanning more than thirty years, Lt. Gen. Mary Legere is about to retire from the Army and is presently considering her options in the Intelligence Community, and with the private sector within the National Security/Intelligence sectors.